Paypal Verification is a WordPress plugin desiigned to obtain a Paypal user’s account status. This is useful for websites, at which extra credibility is needed about a user’s records beyond what can be obtained by simple email activation.

The current version will only display a “Verified” message if this status was successfully confirmed. Additional functionality and custom design can be requested at evelyn-ba@fledisplace.com



The plugin files can be downloaded from here








Testing of this plugin can be done within the framework of the Paypal Developer environment. Since registering an app with Paypal is required for live operation (i. e. obtaining real user verified status) and this procedure can be time consuming and complicated, trying it first in the Sandbox mode provided by Paypal might be an attractive option. The following steps are required to do so:




Paypal App Setup


Setting up this plugin to work with your website can take a bit of work, depending on what prerequisites are already in place. A complete guide for configuring all necessary components is as follows: